Chekalenko L.D. Foreign policy of Ukraine. Ed. by Tsivatyi V.G. –K: LAT&K, 2016. – 294 p.

У монографії автор розкриває проблематику зовнішньої політики України від найдавніших часів до сьогодення. Висвітлюючи історичні етапи становлення української державності, аналізує витоки, принципи і результати зовнішньої політики України, що спирається на засади міжнародного права. Характеризує дво- і багатостороннє співробітництво, окреслює перспективи посування України шляхом європейської інтеграції.

Для викладачів, студентів, аспірантів, політиків, всіх, хто прагне опанувати досвідом минулого, щоби будувати Україну – спроможну стати рівною серед рівних, провідних країн Європи і світу.


Acknowledgments    5

Foreword   6

Introduction   7

Part I. Origins of the foreign policy of Ukraine

1.1. Origins of the Ukrainian state    9

1.2. Kyievan Rus and the world   15

1.3. Foreign policy of Halych-Volyn State    30

1.4. Diplomacy of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi    33

1.5. Foreign policy of Ukrainian hetmans in the 17th–18th centuries   48

1.6. Foreign policy of the Ukrainian People’s Republic     57

1.7. Role of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic in the foreign policy of the Soviet Union   66

1.8. Process of reunification of Ukrainian lands   70

1.9. Ukrainian Soviet Republic in the United Nations   73

Part II. Formation of the independent foreign policy of Ukraine

2.1. Foundations and principles of the foreign policy of Ukraine   79

2.2. Process of formation of the foreign policy of Ukraine  82

2.3. Functions of the foreign policy of Ukraine   90

Part III. Modern foreign policy challenges

3.1. Territorial integrity and inviolability of the borders   94

3.2. International guarantees of the non-nuclear status    106

3.3. Appropriation of Ukrainian cultural, historic and material heritage by Russia   115

3.4. Protection of Ukrainian citizens abroad     118

3.5. Formation of the positive international image of Ukraine   121

Part IV. Bilateral relations of Ukraine

4.1. Relations with the neighboring EU states   123

4.2. Leading world powers in the Ukrainian policy    139

4.3. Russia and “new independent states” in the Ukrainian foreign policy   175

4.4. Cooperation with the countries of Latin America, Asian-Pacific region and Africa   197

Part V. Ukraine in international organizations

5.1. Universal international organizations   221

5.2. Regional, transregional and subregional organizations 242

5.3. Ukrainian initiatives: GUAM 262

5.4. Cooperation with other international organizations      268

Conclusion    287

Bibliography   289



Ukraine has won its European identity through its heroic actions, history and individuals. The European identity of Ukraine opens doors to the future – a wide range of possibilities for economic development, social and intellectual progress, as well as the strengthening of our positions in the system of international coordinates. European integration, as chosen by Ukraine, is viewed as a key priority of our foreign policy and our strategic goals.

The policies of modern Ukraine are based on the principles of international law, human rights protection, as well as European values of dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, law and solidarity.

The aspiration of Ukraine to be fully integrated into European institutions, as stated in a number of Ukrainian government documents, is construed as a practical support for a stable and unified Europe. It is a strategic task for the Ukrainian state to actively participate in the process of the formation of a European economic and political space, a space of freedom, security and justice.

Professor Lyudmyla D. Chekalenko introduces the readers to her vision of the turbulent events of the history and modern developments of Ukraine, as well as directs their attention to the challenges for Ukrainian security that call forth the European choice of Ukraine.

I have no doubt that this book will be of benefit to all people who care about our future, true patriots of Ukraine, and all those who strive to build the Ukrainian state in order for it to be worthy of its history and its European future.

Bohdan Hawrylyshyn,

Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, economic advisor to the Ukrainian government, full

member of the Club of Rome, long-time director of Switzerland’s InternationalManagement Institute

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