Чекаленко Людмила Д. Зовнішня політика України: Підручник К.: «LAT&K», 2015. – 477 с.

The manual is devoted to the issues of the foreign policy of Ukraine from the ancient times to nowadays. The reader will pass an interesting way from becoming conscientious of his historic past – Trypillya culture, Skiff era, diplomatic achievements of Kyievan Rus – foundation of the European principles of patriotism, humanism, tolerance, conventional relations; the era of Cossack State that contains a lot of elements of formation of European statehood; revolutionary period of the defense of the independence of the Ukrainian People’s Republic with its civilized entrance into the world of international relations; Soviet time is marked by although limited but still an application of various forms of the international existence. The author of the book also analyzes the principles and results of the foreign policy activity of the modern Ukraine that is grounded on the international law, perspectives of advancing on the path towards the European integration.


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