Чекаленко Людмила. Світові інтеграційні процеси в умовах трансформації міжнародних систем: Навчальний посібник. МА.Кулініч, Н.О.Татаренко, В.Г.Ціватий, за наук. ред. проф. Л.Д.Чекаленко. – К.: ДАУ, 2013. – 628 с.

The manual highlights theoretical fundamentals of contemporary global integration processes; considers historical preconditions and origins of integration; analyses various multi-faceted integration processes; provides a profound comparative description of integration formations on different continents: Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

Resting upon a wide range of instruments related to the integration experience of other civilizations, the authors pay a particular attention to geographical, political, diplomatic and economic factors of the European aspirations of Ukraine.


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