Хижняк І. Systemic Rethinking the Immediate Aftermath of the World War II and Confronting the Grounds of Putin's Russia / І.Хижняк // Зовнішні справи. - 2016. - №11. - С.20-23.

Автор розглядає нову конфігурацію світопорядку, що виникла після відомих подій в Україні періоду Революції Гідності, та яка існує і сьогодні. Стаття розкриває суперечливу сутність нової фази протистояння між трансатлантичною системною складовою (в особі країн ЄС, Північної Америки, країн Британської Співдружності і, як доповнення, Україною), з одного боку, і Росією - з іншого, а також аналізує ступінь системного впливу фактору повторної дії підсумків Другої світової війни на формування вже іншої, сучасної, ситуативної парадигми глобальної структури міжнародних відносин.

Occasioned by evident political conjuncture such unavoidable systemic factors as military might and force potential occur to be of intelligible interest to the consequent palette of the Word War II reversal historic aftermath experience. By that reason one to push forward on this enormous agenda of present day the veritable political apportionment that produces distinctive and trouble - making disorder among the global poles standoff. From that viewpoint the systemic forming of contemporary global structure as the Word War II reversal historic aftermath entails the most important consequences that are to be observed explicitly: for one thing , taking into account the systemic approach of its motly character or more precisely rather noticeable versatility the political palette seemed at that period to be distinctly impressive and absolutely splendid. And for the second one the most aggressive as to their political nature totalitarian and monarchist states embodied in "Berlin - Rome Axis" and "AntiComintern Pact" were entirely destroyed. The perfidious aggression

and grab of another`s territories previously being practiced by the states participated in military and political pacts emerged to be purposely withdrawn out of the measures of the interstate foreign policy. And just on that level they have acquired ostensible compromise status and certain established international taboo. Though the actual military factor itself was not even excluded from the international communication sphere as the similar happened in the world politics. More over the range of power composing segment nonetheless was noticeably thinned. And emulate start of the principle of power employment was cavilly pushed forward to the international bringing into proper correlation the established norms of non-provocative and non-aggressive behaviour of actors. Although mentioned actuality had a certain and relative character and confirmed its veritable and definite limits.

In ideologically rooted realia the priority was favored with the morality as an obvious altergoogle to the racial concept of superiority and militant chauvinism as well as anti-Semitism. Whereas radical doctrines of such kind have never engineered the founding origins in state politics among the countries of Europe. The limits of tolerance decrease inside the international public opinion milieus emerged visually more intensive comparing to the varieties of models in the totalitarian ways of thinking.

The fact of the Nazism crashing and extinguishing the most dangerous fire-places of instability in Europe as the basic "core" of the key results entailed the long-waited reconciliation in 1955 after the plebiscite between Germany and France on the Saar River valley dispute. This ensured successive turn of the West European states to the economic cooperation and integration. Their population enabled practicability to create national states foremost within the boundaries of their ethnic settlings. Simultaneously other part of the world confirmed the status of a region where lessening of the danger of possible conflict among different nations was carried into effect. It also resulted in completing the basic process of selfdeterminating of nations and peoples` selfconsciousness emulations. Analogically the splash of peoples` selfdetermining initiated its furthering especially to the peripherial zone of the world interstate structure. In the same way it abundantly refered to the states of the Asian region as well as the zone of the British colonies disintegration and the similar of France and Netherlands.

The field of military and technical cooperation acquired the traits of open and incompatible withstanding. It happened so explicitly because of the US monopoly for the nuclear weapon that emerged in the world after the year of 1945. It was that one which gave a major birth to the arms race over the following decades.

Another systemic and historic of the World War II reversal aftermath resulted in organized perceptions into a meaningful guide for crushing of the whole multipolar model of the world arrangement. It ensured the functioning of the ultimate frame of the international relations based on summarized military, economic, political, ideological and other potentials. Though systemically it simply ceased to provide conclusive predominance of their existence. Even the prerequisites for their feasible revival became to be highly imposible for emulation. Among the number of states traditionally attributed to a distinguished group as superpowers (Germany, Great Britain, the USSR, France and Japan) the three found themselves severely devasted.

The economy of the one actively participated in the "Total War" was bitterly ruined (Great Britain). In 1945 only the two - the USA and the USSR (each in own way as to results) ran out of the war with individual profits. The eventuality turned out to be incomparable - the USA in fact appeared as a solitary and successful beneficial and the USSR in turn - with the crashing limits of it potentials. And yet between the both there were important differences in understanding and the mere distinctions as to tangible gap to undertake actual (real) international policy. So they constituted an exceptional duet to ensure dominant incumbency in exercising their leading positions in the systemic endurance of international relations.

From the viewpoint of the universal bipolar global structuring the world geopolitics emerged to be broken down into the American and the Soviet ones. First, included the whole Western Europe together with the Asian littoral and insular lines zones. Whereas the countries of Central and South - East Europe with partially continental part of East Asia as well as chronologically some later Cuba somehow constituted the political preferences of the second, the Soviet zone. Though all terms of foreign policy within each zone had been indisputably conditioning to observe separate interests of every presiding superpower.

In the course of historic (eventful) enlargement over the World War II developments the basic purpose was to gradually form the basic model for the organized world management. It had been ensured by the entire combination of the global interstate relations presided by the USA and the Soviet Union as basic acting figures. Furthermore, the UN tried to assume an integral function of providing the efficient mechanism of crises settlement though later practically confirmed its actual disability to prevent grandiose war or war conflicts. But sporadically it managed to pursue legitimate policy of selective containment and agreement. An attempt was also made to at least perform a distinctive function of watchful and well-grounded portrayal of the international relations adjustment.

Simultaneously the UN started practicing determinant management of the global and political undertakings worldwide. As to prominent and systemically arranged international economic and financial institutions such as the Bretton Woods, system the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, An Agreement on Tariffs, Trade etc. all of them were actively and consequently embodied in its structural plot. Additionally the attended interstate establishments (like the Marshall Plan) were disposably involved to lend an economic assistance to the countries devastated by the war. To a certain extent originated subsistent entities laid the foundation for the prevention of economic wars as well as a means to introduce stability into international relations.

The World War II reversal historic aftermath segment encouraged emulation advance to preliminary establishment of the world dynamic equilibrium in the capacity of integral, internally ranged and politically indivisible global organism. From that time and onwards the separate development of each region explicitly became to be closely connected with the universal state of the world's perfection as the whole. And vice versa, the conditions over the whole outline of the international relations construction have commenced immediate transforming either into the direct dependence on correct growth of eventual unfolding within every of individually marked separate analogue or similarly it is taking place in all of them in the mode of setting together synchronously.

From now on any of the total number of existing earlier significant world systems couldn't go advancing in its continious gradation as well as other than including procedures of the previous formats of certain enclaves sufficient and political self-isolation or even consciously being debared from the progression in a continious ascending of the world matters. Any how vice versa the greater number of the countries were craving to be included in all zigzags of the world politics and in a determinantly converted mode to impact on various inconsistencies of current events in the different areas of the world. In the course of the further trend there had been growing of the globalization`s enlargement coterminous with the available international contrivances. The architecture of the key vectors of discrepancies seemed to start acquiring the definite concordance with the format of the bipolar structure of the post-war world.

The entire complex of systemic factors started matching the full dynamics of the progressive growth towards definite augmentation of the political leadership significance. It resulted in obvious establishing individual supremacy of "a latter day" matured chief and his the Kremlin`s statesmen that have managed to start exercising their dominant authority. For one thing this is an attempt of artificial and subjective reset of the world organization throughout the global centers of power. According to one of Mr. Putin`s versions as a cardinal chieftain of the Russians it means not entirely completed reversal move to practical bipolarity. Though to be more precise it follows the proper and certain as well as impertinently formed hybrid - to constitute a schematically elaborated construction - "a uni-multipolar system + Russia". Along with such an architecture Moscow may organize its more favorable claim for a firm and irresistible position in all over the world leadership between principal and might hegemony of the two - the first one is the USA and to a certain extent may be EC states and the second as an altergoogle one is a "deficient pole" - China itself in the role of being about a premier performing actor. But it is that one for now which just closely approaches to the presiding status of the organizing and constituent paradigm of the world global system. In accordance with "Pervoprestolnaya`s" (as a literary epithet of Moscow) individual plans Russia is that one to have become a systemic moderator due to its gas and oil supplies and constantly growing military might. It is also obviously supposed to organize perceptions into a meaningful guide for assuming simultaneous position and counterpoising vectors to ensure required balance of powers. In other words, to commence playing a key role as a check and balance control leverage within the measures either of the world community or as an acknowledging and distinct regulatory function but now actually in the status of indisputable and dominating update center for the world interstate organization.

And yet, an another format is possible as well. As far as an outline of the newly emerged order of the global world has not hardened yet as "concrete for house-building" his major task Mr. Putin (as a state leader) sees in his own premediated plan to materially articulate and foster a peculiar sort of international construction. The latter has to become more pluralistic (in his understanding) and even not so "hybrid" as more multipolar one. Though over recent developments, especially after an ill-starred "parade of victory" in Moscow on May 9 2015, one has started to observe Mr. Putin`s attempts to spin out almost remarkable globally-organized world interstate structure. It means a contemporary world order as forcibly unfolded blocking in continuity structured as the following, including Russia, China, possibly states of the Western Europe (also for better reason participation of India) as a backbone of the new global basic pole. For the USA under the foregoing apportionment could be posited as the global pole in opposition. And summing up all that a direct, objective and implicit dependence on such "a fervent and fierce" factor called as "the Ukrainian syndrome" is ostensibly disclosed (an issue of massive escape of the refugees originated from Asia and Africa regions in the European destination emerged almost a year later. It is worth of separate and thorough studying).

As to "the Ukrainian syndrome" itself all things that happened later were not of so similar meaning. Their evolution had a kind of its prehistory. Its starting point was refered to March 26 of 2000 when Mr. Putin as a politician was legitimately converted into his presidency. Then as the first mini-step in such a sphere of activity there happened organized and telling as well as hypocritical and insidious come back to the Soviet (previous) national anthem. Later followed presumably stern and sequencial entailing at all levels the state governing paradigm of the so-called "controlled democracy". But the key point at the top in the whole epopee called "Russia Under Putin`s Rule" gave birth to an integral project of total or more precise forcible inculcation of sovereign Ukraine into the political and imperial plot "the Russian revivalism" in the real meaning of the former the Soviet Union. And the perspective way for its implementation is seen in the forthcoming sequencial gathering of military and political instruments which are supposed to be involved in their virtual fulfillment. The latter may also be adequately organized in the expected search for the Kremlin`s maximum suitable measurements over aspirely - waited norms of political limits for posited model of the global power arrangement in the coming future.

But for the time an active start over "the actual political turbulence" seems to have been distinctly standing out. It centers on forcible convertion along with the attempts to choose and match some other possible models over expected period of the world order forming. Though the foregoing convergent point of interest deserves the thourough study to be focused on. And one ought to start with the attributable hypothesis on setting up quick changes that have just been commencing within the zone of systemic movement inside subsistent international power structures. Conversely, there has been denoted an artificial tendency of emerging some definite attempts to reversible movement towards generating a previous algorithm of rigidly established political stability with the similar way back to the former Soviet style. This makes it possible to actually define the source of emerged threat as well as the true country it now definitely originates.

Thus, there has been started forming the transitional systemic constituency with an establishing mode to oppositional trends for a certain "definition of some other polarity". It was purposely elaborated in the way to be organized as a solitary, "the hand - made" with an artificial prevalence as well as forcibly recognized regional (as to the scale of its true world influence) center of force. So entirely as an attempt to initially form international unit (agreeably to Mr. Putin`s views) entailed drives to focusing on certain and unbeatable manifestation of his imposed power and ostensible not flinching. But systemically it is only visual and unreal attempt of subjective and even situational transforming of the Kremlin`s petulant importunities to posture itself as a prominent and leading center of the global world order. It has been also coming to pass a definite revitalization of the proimperial nostaljia as well as a restoration of the myth about true strength of the former the USSR. In spite of objective signs its true update concordance may be attributed to a regional level though with immense pretensions for the worldwide recognition.

While characterizing such an innovative combination it ought to become particular foci of attention to its specific state along with an exceptional emergence of the distinctive types of actions with a definite quidance to the purposeful adaptation of such a construction to the conditions of the subsisting world order. Out of the number of heightened interests to the Russian`s leader intentions the major one is to instigate provocations over the global level with the incoherent signs (the latter`s meaning is-without logical connection, entirely disjointed or incompatible by nature) of a definite precedent in company with the total disorder ("bespredela"). Factual and forceful instillment in the manner of the regional style as indubitable and "postmodernistic type of dictatorship" emerged to be rather comfortable to perpetuate Mr. Putin`s version as well as objectively to have been generating a reversal answerable and rapid reaction. Besides the Russian leader`s initiative widely propagated as "a genuine fashioner of an individual dramatic and politically determined lection" was lavishly sprinkled throughout the informational milieu by obsequious Russian mass-media. Additionally it was positively pushed forward as the Kremlin "big cheese`s" personal continuous experiment. But finally the subject was closed at once with the world media`s resolute nicknaming Mr. Putin as "A Fuehrer of The Third Rome".

Agreeably to the evidences of Mr. Nemtsov as one of the most distinguished experts of the Kremlin`s massages of such kind (now unfornately killed under uninvestigated circumstances and whose murder is still untried): "The total metaphysical responsibility" for individual producing "the competitor`s" ground to meet actual needs of the existing modern world order is laid on a true fashioner of "the new senses of the world`s carnival". The encountered performance is designed for fostering the new global perceptions guided from "Pervoprestolnaya`s territory".

The voluntaristic trend in the manner of a person full of alone-organized exceptional political character has engendered setting up a separate and exclusive domain of international states interaction. It has also entailed attempts to originate a new center of the global power with an individual apportionment of political interests. A premiere reinforcement of encountered circumstances emerged so heavily as a function of the military power domination. And a principally fresh format of practicing conventional warfares resulted in accurate representation of existing reality started to be called as "Hybrid, informational war".


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